What if you could be seen as an application architect?

Object oriented design decisions are hard. Really hard. You struggle when you’re faced with making one. How can you make the right choice? How do you know that your decision won’t hurt you later? Where do you even begin with making these kinds of choices?

You want to be able to make architectural decisions, rather than implementing someone else’s vision. But you feel stuck. Bound by your own inability to move forward and make choices. How can you gain the knowledge and experience you need to confidently make these object oriented design decisions?

"The difference between developer and architect is understanding and using object oriented design principles."
— Brandon Savage, Instructor

Level up your career with The Msatering Object Oriented Design Seminar!

It’s possible to stop struggling with object oriented design principles. To be able to be seen as more than a developer, to be viewed as an application architect. I’ll show you how.

The Mastering Object Oriented Design Seminar is a four-hour intensive course focused on specific techniques you can take with you to make better object oriented design decisions immediately.

Instead of getting tons of theory, you’ll receive concrete, actionable information.

Take the seminar with you!

The seminar will be recorded, and every attendee will have the ability to download the recording for their later viewing. Plus, you’ll receive a packet of written materials that go along with the principles discussed in the seminar.

All of this will help you not only learn what the seminar has to offer, but take it with you for later reference.

Are you ready to upgrade your object oriented design skills?

The Mastering Object Oriented Design Seminar is from 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm Eastern on June 8th, 2013. (Check your timezone here) The seminar is entirely online; you just need a computer and an internet connection! (pants optional.)

Level up your career with specific, actionable information in the
Mastering Object Oriented Design Seminar.

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